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Iron-tail Fratley

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Olympic thoughts [Feb. 19th, 2010|08:53 am]
Iron-tail Fratley
<tsotsa-tsola> Why do they keep giving Lysacek these ridiculous scores
<tsotsa-tsola> It is SCANDALOUS
<tsotsa-tsola> Lysacek is the Paul Hamm of figure skating
<tsotsa-tsola> If he wins gold I will find him and take it away
<tsotsa-tsola> I would rather see Takahashi get it if they are going to give it to someone with good footwork who can't do a quad
<tsotsa-tsola> Oh wait nevermind he is going to do a quad
<tsotsa-tsola> Oh wait nevermind he fell
<tsotsa-tsola> Well he is still better than Lysacek
<tsotsa-tsola> Haha people in the audience were booing the judges again
<tsotsa-tsola> His routine was so much more artful but I guess in this homosexy day and age judges want to see ice poledancing
<tsotsa-tsola> Ha more booing
<tsotsa-tsola> Oh god I think Plushenko skipped part of one of his combinations
<tsotsa-tsola> I am on the e-edge of my e-seat
<tsotsa-tsola> It was only worth like one point but he could lose by a tenth of a point
<tsotsa-tsola> Ugh
<tsotsa-tsola> Fucking Lysacek
<tsotsa-tsola> A double toe would have beaten him
<Kufat> and it's figure skating so you can't really even hope that he'll fail a drug test D:
<tsotsa-tsola> A fucking double toe in a 4-3-2
<tsotsa-tsola> and Plushenko's combination in 2006 was like a 4-4-3 or something
<tsotsa-tsola> Yeah seriously
<tsotsa-tsola> I am hoping that he was secretly taking like estrogen
<tsotsa-tsola> Is that a banned substance :-(
<tsotsa-tsola> The sad thing is that Plushenko was retired and only decided to go to the olympics like yesterday and he still almost won
<tsotsa-tsola> but like that double toe man
<tsotsa-tsola> It was just that double toe
<tsotsa-tsola> If he had spent more time building up strength it wouldn't have even been a double toe anyway
<tsotsa-tsola> It would have been like a sextuple toe to the moon
<tsotsa-tsola> I feel like I am watching some boxing thing where the champion just wasn't hungry anymore
<tsotsa-tsola> but like why did he have to give it to fucking Lysacek
<tsotsa-tsola> The only person who deserves to beat Plushenko in competition is Sandhu
<tsotsa-tsola> Joubert beat him once but he is just as lame as Lysacek
<tsotsa-tsola> Hey guess what place Joubert got??
<tsotsa-tsola> I will tell you: 16th lol

[User Picture]From: bilan
2010-02-20 05:19 am (UTC)
omg totally forgot about how bad I sitll want a nevada hoodie :[
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[User Picture]From: bilan
2010-02-20 05:21 am (UTC)
noo they no longer sell that one
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[User Picture]From: irontailfratley
2010-02-21 06:07 am (UTC)
Yeah I know, I actually went looking for it once but it was a couple of weeks after they removed it from their website. And then I thought about making a t-shirt version but I never got around to it.
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